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At UCB, we celebrate people like you who share our commitment to advancing the discussion, understanding, and treatment of dermatological conditions.

Epicensus is a multidisciplinary, pan-European initiative which aims to elevate the standard of care for psoriasis patients.
We asked two of the physicians involved in the programme to tell us a little more about it – watch the videos below for more information.

Our commitment to changing the status quo in psoriasis care

By Marie-Hélène Saintmard, Medical Affairs & Strategy Dermatology Europe

Being liberated from the physical, emotional and social burden that is attached to psoriasis is still wishful thinking for many patients, despite immense advances in drug development and the advent of novel therapeutics and targeted treatments.

Psoriasis has a significant impact on quality of life (QoL), is linked to social stigmatisation, increased disability and decreased psychological wellbeing. Effective long-term management of psoriasis is essential for improving QoL and reducing the cumulative life course impairment.

Epicensus is a pan-European initiative that will challenge the status quo. This exciting, integrated consensus programme kicked-off in December 2020 and engages stakeholders across eight European countries from three key groups: clinicians, payors, and patient group representatives. The project aims to generate insights informed by multidisciplinary perspectives in order to reach a consensus on key psoriasis topics such as diagnosis, care, monitoring and access. The initiative’s long-term aim is to drive multistakeholder actions and practical solutions that will elevate the standard of care (SoC) and patient-related outcomes in psoriasis.

The Epicensus journey. In phase one, an insights questionnaire was sent to a broad group of multidisciplinary stakeholders in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current SoC in psoriasis. Following this, a smaller consensus council was identified, and members completed a series of Delphi* surveys to define gaps in the current psoriasis SoC and reach consensus. Stay tuned for the next phase of activities where the consensus council plans to share their findings in order to highlight the areas of the patient pathway which would benefit the most from an elevation in SoC.

The ultimate goal is to inspire action and initiate a paradigm shift which enhances the future of psoriasis care in Europe, optimising outcomes and finally allowing patients to live their lives to the fullest.

*The Delphi process is a blinded, systematic, egalitarian method accepted in clinical literature as being well-suited to developing clinical 
recommendations and consensus statements.


Listen to Emmanuel Caeymaex, Executive Vice President Immunology Solutions & Head of US, talking about UCB's commtiment to patients




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