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A home for innovation

At UCB, innovation goes into the medicines we discover, develop, and deliver. To achieve this, we work hard at providing the right surroundings and facilities, creating a culture that nurtures and fosters innovation, hiring great people and looking beyond our own boundaries to acquire new knowledge and skills.

We are passionate about building a home for innovation, an exciting place for creative minds and people determined to innovate, push beyond the boundaries of what’s possible and shape the future. After all we are an R&D company and R&D is all about the future.

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Innovation is

What is innovation? How does UCB approach innovation? What is UCB’s innovation culture? Innovation is at the centre of everything our R&D colleagues do at UCB but how we innovate is as unique as our employees and for this reason we asked our researchers to share with you what innovation means to them. So let us show that innovation is a philosophy that’s embedded in everything we do.