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Research and Development form the foundations of our innovation

Based on a deep understanding of disease biology and patient reality our scientists are combining today’s transformative science with our leadership capabilities to rapidly discover, develop and deliver highly differentiated medicines. We have a vision to move from symptomatic treatments to disease modification, and eventually, towards a cure for several severe chronic diseases.

3 Strategic research centers

Braine-L'Alleud (Belgium)
Slough (U.K.)
Boston (U.S.)

4 Research satellites

Durham (U.S.)
Seattle (U.S.)
Leuven (Belgium)
Kings College London (U.K.)

4 Manufacturing sites

Braine-L'Alleud (Belgium)
Zhuhai (China)
Saitama (Japan)
Bulle (Switzerland)

7 Development sites

Braine-L'Alleud and HQ (Belgium)
Monheim (Germany)
Raleigh (U.S.)
Slough (U.K.)
Boston (U.S.)
Tokyo (Japan)
Shanghai (China)

COVID-19: How AI partnership is helping our search for new therapies

Research and development knows no boundaries. That is why UCB is partnering with Microsoft AI for Health and others to accelerate drug discovery.

Making innovation go faster

If the COVID pandemic has shown us one thing, it’s the power of medical science to change the course of history. At the beating heart of this is clinical study design, and never have we needed this process to be more streamlined, consistent and efficient. Our End to End Clinical Study Automation programme uses next-generation technology to pioneer a completely new way of working with the aim is to reduce study timelines - leading to quicker delivery of new medicines.

Our scientists are curious, bold, smart and inspired – that’s how they innovate

Our scientists never stop learning.  In fact, they say ‘there’s always more to learn’. They seize every opportunity because they know that there are always new places that learning can take you and always more it can do for our patients. Continuous learning - it’s a UCB thing!

Did you know UCB collaborated with NASA?

We have been collaborating and building partnerships for many years now and we thought we had seen it all. But back in 2011 along came a unique opportunity when UCB and our partner Amgen received a request from NASA to test a version of one of our medicines in space.


Clinical studies are an important part of what we do

Most of you have probably heard about them but what are they exactly? Well they play an important part in drug development and they are at the heart of a lot of the work we do.


Blurring lines between our laboratory and IT teams

Breakthroughs will result from use of new technologies and partnerships with industry disruptors. Together with our IT teams we are amplifying the power of scientific innovation through digital transformation.

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