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Ethical Business Practices

At UCB we believe that what we do is just as important as how we do it. We strive to do business the right way – the ethical way – each and every day. As one of the foundational components of our sustainability approach, our commitment to Ethical Business Practices is not only about how we comply with our ethical and legal obligations as a pharmaceutical company, but about how we create a culture of ethics and compliance where we are driven to act with integrity on a daily basis. 

Code of Conduct

The UCB Code of Conduct is our governing policy that reflects UCB’s culture and ethical principles of trust, integrity, care, transparency and accountability. The Code was developed using input from various groups within and outside the organization including employees and representatives from our Employee Resource Groups, contractors and vendors. The Code outlines the commitments, aspirations and expectations of all employees, agents and consultants acting on behalf of UCB. We are responsible for embodying our Code of Conduct, living by our commitments to each other and our stakeholders. 



 The Code of Conduct is available in 24 languages


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