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COVID-19: supporting micro and small suppliers

Dear Suppliers,

We are conscious that the COVID-19 crisis might impact your business during the coming weeks and months. We want to be mindful of this challenging situation. Therefore we are offering the opportunity to our micro and small suppliers in need to request expedited payment of outstanding and forthcoming invoices, to shorten payment terms for new orders and invoices during the duration of the crisis.

To ease the implementation of shortened payment terms, you can help us by sending your invoices electronically (preferably via our Ariba channel on which you will be automatically onboarded or via pdf).

Conditions to activate UCB’s support

Submit your request and qualify based on criteria as described below:        

  • How is COVID-19  impacting your business?
  • To classify as a micro or small business you should have:
    • <50 employees,
    • And, an annual turnover or balance sheet <10 mio EUR
    • And, at least one flag on one of the financial indicators (Financial strength, risk indicator, D&B score, Paydex,…) from D&B
       (if available)
    • Or, a negative Net Worth or two years of consecutive net loss.

By submitting this request, you certify on your honor that the information contained in this form is correct.

  • Where to send this form? togetheragainstcorona@ucb.com
  • When will it be applicable ? As soon as the request will be accepted, you will be informed by email
  • When will it end? You will be informed by email

How UCB Purchasing aspires to contribute to UCB Patient Value Creation


UCB Purchasing aspires to contribute to UCB Patient Value Creation by being an agile, knowledgeable and trusted advisor and by connecting UCB business challenges with solutions from external networks in order to enable innovation.

With the common goal to deliver patient value in mind, UCB is committed to providing Suppliers with the information that is key to our shared success.

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Do you want to contribute to Patient Value Creation with innovative ideas or solutions? Submit your Company profile to start a collaboration with UCB.

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UCB aims for an efficient requisition to pay process for our suppliers through electronic purchase orders and electronic invoicing solutions.

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Purchasing is a diverse team with a shared goal: contribute to UCB’s Patient Value Creation in everything we do. To join us check out the UCB Careers Portal.

If you as a supplier wish to get additional information regarding our responsible sourcing standards, code of conduct & details about our sustainability initiatives, please feel free to refer to our Responsible Procurement Page here.


UCB Supplier Testimonials

We consider our Suppliers as our true partners and aim to build trust-based relationships in order to achieve win-win results.

To monitor our performance, we regularly collect our Suppliers’ feedback and act upon it. Check out what our Suppliers say:

UCB Purchasing has a clear vision and strategy of where UCB wants to grow towards in the next few years.

UCB is very people oriented. It is a company that allows for a lot of flexibility and learning opportunities.

As a supplier you feel respected but you also need to deliver added value on a continuous basis, which keeps you on your toes.

UCB is a very professional and mature organization, good knowledge of the business and open for new ideas.