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Together, we can amplify the power of scientific innovation through digital transformation to create sustainable value, ensuring that patients can live the lives they choose, now and in the future.

The expectations for how healthcare should be delivered have quickly changed due to the deep integration of technology in our lives. UCB has been rapidly investing in our digital business transformation to unleash the power of digital innovation, to help achieve better outcomes for patients, faster.


Paving a Way Forward through Digital Business Transformation

Through UCB’s Digital Business Transformation, we are committed to unleashing the power of digital innovation and enabling solutions that allow patients to live the lives they choose, now and in the future. By working across the value chain in research, development, manufacturing, and commercially, we are leveraging scientific innovation to accelerate better outcomes and transform the way patient care is delivered. Together, we can amplify the power of scientific innovation through empowering our digital mindset, purposefully using data and technology, and partnering for greater impact.

UCB is amplifying the power of scientific innovation through digital transformation and thus transforming how patients experience care. And we’re doing it for one reason, to give people living with severe diseases more control over their lives. UCB is committed to this path of discovering, developing, and delivering a better healthcare future for all of us.


Watch how we’re using digital technology to transform drug discovery as part of UCB’s digital business transformation.

Through UCB’s digital business transformation, we are committed to:

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  • UCB’s ambition is to transform the lives of people living with severe diseases. We focus on neurology and immunology disorders – putting patients at the center of our world. We are Inspired by Patients. Driven by Science.
  • We believe that digital transformation is the pathway to improved care for patients and drive our vision forward.
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  • With a research process grounded in cutting-edge science combined with groundbreaking technologies, we can gain a deeper understanding of the patients we serve and deliver the right solutions when and where they are needed. As we strive to know the patient experience more deeply, it is technology and data that enables us to connect the dots to make a greater impact, faster.
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  • Patients today need solutions that go beyond just medicines to live a healthier life. Through our digital business transformation, we believe a more connected, more patient-centric healthcare ecosystem is possible. With the right partners, the right capabilities and tools, and our passion that powers it all, we can lead the way in transforming the patient experience, paving the way to better health.
Picture of Charl Van Zyl, Executive Vice President Neurology Solutions & Head of EU/International
Picture of Roger Palframan, Head of External Innovation & US Discovery Science

We uniquely deliver on that promise by upholding our guiding principles, including:

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  • Our culture empowers a digital-first mindset from the inside out, built on continuous learning and deepening patient understanding. Our digitally-versed teams have the drive, determination, and agile structure to make this transformation happen, always embracing change and never afraid to adapt.


  • The digital capabilities we are building enable us to correlate data to deliver the most actionable insights and uncover unmet needs, allowing our teams to capitalize on urgent opportunities and improve the way we deliver on our patient value ambition.


  • We cannot work to solve the most complex challenges in healthcare on our own. We strategically partner and invest in meaningful relationships with those who have the technology and data capabilities that can drive our transformation further in the most impactful ways, and who also share our vision. Because we know that we can make a bigger, lasting impact together.

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