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Clinical Study and Real-World Evidence Data Transparency Policy


Everything we do at UCB starts with one question


One way we do this is by sharing information about our clinical and observational research, including the results. Sharing this type of information can help patients and their caregivers make better informed decisions about their healthcare and treatment options. It is also a way to acknowledge the people who participated in our clinical studies.


UCB follows or exceeds the standards set by pharmaceutical industry associations in the European Union and United States including:


You can follow the links below to find out more about our policies on sharing observational and clinical study information:



Study registration and research results

Registration and results reported on public websites called clinical study registries.


journal articles

Publication of articles in scientific and medical journals. These articles share the results of our research – in context – that have been reviewed by independent scientists before publication.


Study Reports
and Synopses

Reports and summaries of research results in scientific and medical language.


Plain language Summaries
of research results

These summaries share the main results of clinical and observational research in easy-to-understand words and graphics to help participants and the public understand what we have learned in our research.


Access to patient-level
clinical study data

UCB provides qualified researchers with the detailed data from completed studies. Study participants’ personal information is protected before these data are shared. Responsibly sharing data from our studies allows other researchers to conduct additional research that could help patients.