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Disclosure of payments to Healthcare Professionals and Organisations


In everything we do, we always start by asking ourselves “How can we create more value for people living with severe diseases?"

In the interest of patients, it is crucial for us to collaborate closely with healthcare professionals and organisations, who offer us invaluable and expert knowledge to provide solutions improving patients’ lives and treatments. This relationship has delivered significant innovations in healthcare so far and has made positive changes to the quality of life of numerous patients.

We aspire to maintain high standards of ethics and integrity in our interactions. We strongly believe that ensuring transparency in our financial relationships with healthcare professionals is essential to increase patients’ trust. Patients need to know that they can trust their doctors to recommend, prescribe and administer appropriate care and treatments based solely on clinical evidence and experience.

As an EFPIA Member Company (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry and Associations), we are therefore committed to meet the transparency requirements of the EFPIA Disclosure Code and to report our transfers of value to healthcare stakeholders accordingly.