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Investors UCB shareholders Shareholders meeting 2020

Shareholders meeting 2020

Due to the evolution of the crisis of the Corona virus (Covid-19) and the measures taken by our governments and public authorities, it is likely that UCB SA/NV will not be able to allow physical access to its General Meeting of 30 April 2020. Subject to any other measure or terms and conditions that we could communicate later with respect to the holding and organization of and participation in our General Meeting, we are already recommending now to our shareholders, wishing to participate in our General Meeting, to cast their vote by proxy, by mandating the independent person mentioned in our proxy form and specifying their precise voting instructions.

All social gatherings surrounding the General Meeting, including reception and drinks, are cancelled

Ordinary & extraordinary general shareholders’ meeting

30 April 2020


Documents ENG FR NL
Convening notice
(including agenda & attendance formalities)

UCB Group - 
2019 integrated annual report

2019 statutory annual accounts
Management report

Report of the Statutory Auditor

Remuneration policy 2020

Special report of the Board
Art. 7:199 of the Belgian Code of 
Companies and Associations

Coordinated version of Articles of Associations
(proposed amendments in track changes)

On the day of publication of the convening notice, UCB SA/NV has a total of 194 505 658 shares outstanding, of which 189 209 215 are entitled to vote.


Dividend info

A dividend in respect of the year ended 31 December 2019 of € 1.24 per share will be submitted for approval by the 2020 annual general meeting of the shareholders: 

  • Coupon # 23
  • Ex-dividend: 4 May 2020
  • Record date: 5 May 2020
  • Payment: 6 May 2020

Coupon # 23 of UCB shares is payable at € 0.868 net per share after deduction of Belgian withholding tax of 30%*, via our paying agent, KBC Bank NV.

* Lower witholding tax rates may be applicable depending the specific situation of each shareholder.


To be re-elected

Shareholders' meeting archives

2019 integrated report

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Please send your questions to

Pierre Gurdjian

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Charles-Antoine Janssen

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Ulf Wiinberg

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