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At UCB, we want to give people with severe diseases the freedom to live the best life they can - as free as possible from the challenges and uncertainty of disease. We work in a way that is sustainable as we care for the patients who need our solutions, for our employees, for the communities where we live and work, for the health systems we support, for our shareholders, and for the planet. 

Our goal is that by 2030, all patients who need our medicines in countries where we operate have access to them. Creating value and ensuring that patients have sustainable access to the treatments they need is at the heart of every decision we make.

Our positions have been developed on insights gathered from a diverse range of stakeholders and informed by our 2019 materiality assessment. 

Click on a category below to find out more about how UCB's values inform our approach to key topics, as we continue to make progress towards our 2030 goal and improve the lives of patients and their families.  

Sustainable access

Sustainable access means working to ensure that all patients who need our treatments can access them in a way that is socially responsible, economically viable for patients, health-care systems and UCB, as well as environmentally sustainable. Find out more about UCB’s work to provide timely and sustainable access to patients.

Global pricing

UCB’s foundational pricing principles are rooted in the belief that responsible pricing can contribute to increasing global health and create value for patients around the world, now and into the future. We support a competitive, value-based system that will continue to improve sustainable, affordable, and equitable access for all patients. Find out more about UCB's approach to thoughtful pricing.

Early Access to medicines

Early Access Programs can provide an ethical path for patients to access treatments before they have been authorized to be sold. UCB participates in national Early Access Programs in collaboration with governments where appropriate, which are tailored to specific circumstances and health systems. Find out more about UCB’s Early Access Programs.

Health of the planet

Biodiversity, pollution, water quality and availability, and the effects of extreme weather on supply chains and people’s livelihoods are interrelated and have a direct impact on our health. All companies, including UCB, function as part of this ecosystem, and have a responsibility to respect the health of the planet. Find out what UCB is doing to minimize the impact our business has on the environment. 

Diversity, equity & inclusion

At UCB, we are making great strides to incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) at every level of the organization. We consider DE&I not just a necessity, but as a change journey that we must invite everyone to join. Find out more about UCB’s commitments and concrete actions to ensure an inclusive working environment

Human rights

We know that the societal and environmental challenges our world is facing are inextricably linked and that every business decision we make has an effect on the people we serve. We are deeply committed to operating with high ethical standards, respecting the rights and dignity of all people. Find out more.

Treatment of data

The growing volume of data – both produced by UCB and externally owned – drives opportunities and challenges in healthcare and has transformed the way healthcare systems approach clinical development, treatment pathways, and innovative processes. At UCB, we value the ethnical and responsible treatment of data above all else. Find out more.

Clinical Trials

At UCB, we strive for our solutions to provide the best individual experience for patients, and we aim for the participants of our studies to be reflective of the populations that will benefit from our new medicines. Our approach focuses on understanding patients as people and addressing their needs beyond therapeutic treatments. Find out more about our approach to clinical trials.

Intellectual property (IP)

At UCB, we put patients and their individual experiences at the heart of everything we do, including in our IP strategy. Find out more about UCB’s role as founding author of the IP PACT and our vital role in the research and development ecosystem.


At UCB, we understand that generic and biosimilar medicines play an important role in the sustainability of health systems and the promotion of a healthy innovation lifecycle. Find out more about the long-term role of biosimilars and generics in health systems.

Delivering end-to-end for patients

As a company, we understand that our role is much broader than producing treatments for patients. From partnerships, to UCBCares®, to patient support programs, find out what UCB is doing to support patients throughout the full lifecycle of treatments, from development to post-prescription. 

Rare diseases

Approximately 4% of the global population is affected by a rare condition. Sadly, most rare diseases remain without a cure, in fact only 5% of rare conditions have a treatment and living with one has a considerable life-long impact on both patients and their families. Find out more about UCB’s work to support patients with rare conditions. 

Reliable manufacturing & Supply Chain

The development of medicines is a complex and highly regulated process. Find out how UCB’s reliable and consistent manufacturing processes and robust supply chain prevent medicine shortages and ensure the continued availability for patients.

Responsible animal research

UCB is committed to responsibly minimizing the use of animals for research adheres to strict animal welfare standards and policies. We continually monitor for opportunities to improve the welfare of animals under our care. Find out more.