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Sustainability at the heart of all we do

At UCB, we know that the challenges facing our world – from the climate crisis to rising inequalities - are inextricably linked and that every business decision we make has a possible effect on the people we serve, our communities and the planet. We see sustainability as a core requirement that lies at the heart of all we do, driving our ambition to make a positive impact on society while empowering us to ensure UCB long-term success.

Our areas of focus are based on a thorough materiality assessment exercise with the goal to identify the most relevant environmental, social, and governance topics for UCB, based on how topics might create financial risks and opportunities for the company (outside-in perspective), as well as the company’s own impact on people and the environment (inside-out perspective). 

Our commitments are not just about reducing our environmental footprint but relate to the ethical approach we take to provide new therapeutic innovations for people living with severe diseases, conduct business and interact with our people, communities and shareholders.

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We design, develop and deliver differentiated solutions that help people living with severe diseases live their best possible lives and meet both patient and societal needs. And we do so by ensuring that we are open and transparent, innovating on behalf of patients with the curiosity, empathy and humility needed to truly understand their needs.

Every person has a right to healthcare, and we do our part to remove barriers to our medicines for those who need them. In the countries where we operate, we are focused on ensuring that all patients who need our medicines have access to them in a way which is viable for patients, society and UCB. In low- and middle-income settings, we develop a social business approach to provide access to quality care and medicines for people with epilepsy.

We believe that all people deserve respect and dignity and that the workplace should be a safe, collaborative, respectful, equitable and inclusive environment.  We care about the well-being of our people and ensure that all who enter our workplaces are encouraged and supported to grow, learn, and achieve their highest potential.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

We embrace diversity in all forms. We are strengthened by the diverse perspectives, thoughts, talents, backgrounds and experiences of all our colleagues in our journey to create value for patients, now and into the future. We inspire a culture of inclusion by providing to all employees equitable opportunities in recruitment, job assignment, promotion, remuneration, training and benefits.

Ethical business practices

We create an environment that promotes and thrives on ethical behaviours. Our vision has always been one of long-term value and sustainable growth, grounded in ethical business practices. When we create value for patients, we grow the value of UCB.

Our goal is to develop and deliver medicines for people with severe diseases in the most environmentally sustainable way possible. All our activities have an impact on the environment, and we take our responsibility for the health of the planet very seriously. To live up to our goals, we have set bold targets to minimize our environmental footprint from greenhouse gas emissions, water withdrawal and waste generated through our operations, including those of our business partners.