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Our Company Suppliers Requisition to Pay Process

Requisition to Pay Process

Purchase order

Through the purchase requisition to pay process we aim to order the goods and services that UCB needs to meet our business requirements. Following the sourcing process and the signature of your engagement contract (if applicable), a Purchase Order is generated into the UCB system. Please remember to indicate your Purchase Order number (if applicable) on your invoice and to comply to invoicing guidelines below to ensure a smooth payment processing. Following the process above will help you to successfully work with UCB and to comply with the UCB Code of Conduct.

Please find below the UCB Terms & Conditions of the country you have been contracted for:

Invoice & payment

UCB requires a valid purchase order number (if applicable) to enable supplier invoicing. UCB accepts both paper-based and electronic invoices. All suppliers are encouraged to adopt our electronic invoicing solution (except Brazil, Mexico, Turkey and China) which allows a more rapid and smooth payment process.

There are 2 options for electronic invoicing at UCB:

Free electronic payment creation

UCB offers to suppliers a free of charge solution to convert the  purchase order into an electronic invoice.

Learn more here.

Invoice and payment tracking

UCB offers the option to track your PO, invoice and payment status. This solution is provided by a third party, with pre-registration and fees associated. Learn more here.

Invoicing requirements

UCB is committed to achieving on-time and accurate payment provided that valid purchase orders (if applicable) are issued and invoicing requirements are followed. Inaccurate invoices will be rejected and accurate resubmission will be required.

If electronic invoicing is not yet available in your country or paper/pdf invoicing is your preferred solution, it must be sent to the correct UCB mailing address. Please find below the UCB invoicing guidelines of the country you have been contracted for: