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Requisition to Pay Process


Purchase order

Through the purchase requisition to pay process we aim to order the goods and services that UCB needs to meet our business requirements. Following the sourcing process and the signature of your engagement contract (if applicable), a Purchase Order is generated into the UCB system. Please remember to indicate your Purchase Order number (if applicable) on your invoice and to comply to invoicing guidelines below to ensure a smooth payment processing. Following the process above will help you to successfully work with UCB and to comply with the UCB Code of Conduct.

Please find below the UCB Terms & Conditions of the country you have been contracted for:


For enquiries about purchase orders CLICK HERE or call:  +32 2 386 5799


UCB Terms and Conditions - Belgium


Working at UCB sites in Belgium (English and French)

HSE Rules for external companies for UCB campuses in Belgium  - EN
Règlement général HSE pour les entreprises extérieures - campus UCB en Belgique - FR


IMPORTANT NOTE : Please make sure to fill in and sign the Appendix 2 “Acknowledgement of receipt of the general HSE regulation” (FR or EN) and to send it back to the mentioned email addresses

Plan de protection industrielle et de circulation - Site de Braine-l'Alleud

Pre-Selection Questionnaire for External Contractors - French version

Pre-Selection Questionnaire for External Contractors - English version

IMPORTANT NOTE : Please make sure to fill in and sign the questionnaire and to send it back to the mentioned email addresses.

Invoice & payment

UCB is aiming to optimize its e-Invoicing solution in order to improve the payment cycle time. The way to achieve this objective is by reducing the volume of paper invoices.
In parallel UCB is also targeting electronic delivery of purchase orders (when applicable) that will further allow Purchase Orders and invoices processing automation.
Therefore all suppliers are encouraged to adopt our electronic invoicing solution (with the exception of some countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Russia and China).

There are 2 options for electronic invoicing at UCB to choose from:


Free solution for electronic invoice creation

UCB offers to suppliers a free of charge solution which has the following advantages:

  • Automatic conversion of purchase orders into an electronic invoices
  • Improve invoice accuracy
  • Faster payment
  • Real time invoice status notifications.

Learn more here.

Automated invoicing process

UCB encourages the option to transform your operations with full ERP integration, it has the following advantages:

  • Automated workflows
  • Faster invoicing process
  • Faster payment process
  • Reduced errors

This solution is provided by a third party (Ariba) with associated fees.

Learn more here.

Invoicing requirements

UCB is committed to achieving on-time and accurate payment provided that valid purchase orders (if applicable) are issued and invoicing requirements are followed. Inaccurate invoices will be rejected and accurate resubmission will be required.

If electronic invoicing is not yet available in your country or paper/pdf invoicing is your preferred solution, it must be sent to the correct UCB mailing address. Please find below the UCB invoicing guidelines of the country you have been contracted for:


For enquiries about invoice payment status CLICK HERE or call:  +32 2 386 5799


Invoicing guidelines - Belgium


4 December 2019 Communication - UCB Biopharma SRL


Suppliers code of conduct

Suppliers code of conduct form a key part of procurement’s efforts to drive sustainability, outlining UCB’s set of values and principles that it expects suppliers should follow. You can find it here:

Find the code of conduct in your language