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R&D locations

We have world class discovery, research, development and manufacturing facilities, and consistently re-invest more than a quarter of our revenue back into R&D. this makes us one of the most research-intensive and agile biopharma companies in Europe. Our state-of-the-art facilities consist of; 3 strategic research centers, 3 research satellites, 4 manufacturing sites and 7 development sites. These are spread globally - across 6 countries and employ over 1,700 researchers. 

 3 Strategic research centers

  Braine-L'Alleud (Belgium)
  Slough (U.K.)
  Boston (U.S.)


 4 Research satellites

  Durham (U.S.)
  Seattle (U.S.)
  Leuven (Belgium)
  Kings College London (U.K.)

 4 Manufacturing sites

  Braine-L'Alleud (Belgium)
  Zhuhai (China)
  Saitama (Japan)
  Bulle (Switzerland)

 7 Development sites

  Braine-L'Alleud and HQ (Belgium)
  Monheim (Germany)
  Raleigh (U.S.)
  Slough (U.K.)
                                  Boston (U.S.)
                                  Tokyo (Japan)
                                  Shanghai (China)

Belgium – Braine-L’Alleud & Leuven

Our Braine-L’Alleud site is one of our key strategic research centers. Based just outside Brussels in Belgium, it is a hub for UCB’s manufacturing, research and development expertise, particularly with regards to biology and chemistry.

The Leuven site is home to one of our research satellites centres and here our focus is on the discovery and development of in vivo gene therapy through adeno-associated virus (AAV) capsid technology.

China – Shanghai & Zhuhai

At our Shanghai site is a team that focuses on clinical development of new medicines that address unmet needs of patients on Asia and globally.

Zhuhai is one of our core manufacturing sites that focuses on oral forms manufacturing and packaging operations for the local Chinese market.

Germany – Monheim

Based between Cologne and Dusseldorf, the Monheim campus houses a global clinical development team who are responsible for the end-to-end delivery of clinical studies from protocol concept to data interpretation to the final study report.

Japan – Saitama & Tokyo

At our Tokyo site we have a global clinical development team with expertise in clinical study strategy and design and the analysis and interpretation of study data.

Saitama is one of our speciality manufacturing sites that focuses on oral forms manufacturing and packaging operations for their local market.

Switzerland – Bulle

Bulle is home to one of our state-of-the-art production facilities. Few companies around the world bring together both biotechnology and chemical platforms on a single production site but at Bulle we have dual expertise of biological production based on antibodies and the production of small molecules obtained by chemical processes.

U.S – Boston, Durham, Seattle & Raleigh

Established in 2017, UCB’s Boston key strategic research center now has more than 125 people driving our work in areas including targeted protein degradation, protein biochemistry, and structural biology to help us discover new medicines for treating patient populations with severe neurodegenerative and immunological diseases.

Additional sites include global clinical development in Raleigh and research satellites in Durham and Seattle with expertise in molecular biology, biophysics, viral vector molecular design, structural biology/X-ray crystallography, genomics and epigenomics.

UK – Slough & Kings College London

In 2004 UCB acquired the British biotechnology company Celltech. Today the Slough site is a key strategic research center and home to UCB’s immunology research teams and a variety of development functions.

The research satellite Hub based at King’s College London was set up in February 2019 and is a collaboration that sees UCB researchers working directly alongside academics with a focus on early focus on early development and translational medicine.