UCB's Global Corporate Website

Executive Committee

Jean-Christophe Tellier

Chief Executive Officer &
Chairman of the Executive Committee

Joined UCB in June 2011
Appointed as CEO in January 2015

Emmanuel Caeymaex

Executive Vice President
Immunology Solutions & Head of US

Joined UCB in March 1994
Appointed in February 2015

Sandrine Dufour

Executive Vice President
Chief Financial Officer

Joined UCB in July 2020
Appointed in July 2020

Jean-Luc Fleurial

Executive Vice President &
Chief Human Resources Officer

Joined UCB in September 2017
Appointed in September 2017

Iris Loew-Friedrich

Executive Vice President &
Chief Medical Officer

Joined UCB in September 2006
Appointed in March 2008

Kirsten Lund-Jurgensen

Executive Vice President,
Supply & Technology Solutions

Joined UCB in 2019
Appointed in September 2019

Dhavalkumar Patel

Executive Vice President &
Chief Scientific Officer

Joined UCB in October 2017
Appointed in October 2017

Denelle Waynick Johnson

Executive Vice-President &
General Counsel

Joined UCB in 2023
Appointed in April 2023