UCB's Global Corporate Website

Executive Committee

Jean-Christophe Tellier

Chief Executive Officer &
Chairman of the Executive Committee

Joined UCB in June 2011
Appointed as CEO in January 2015

Emmanuel Caeymaex

Executive Vice President
Immunology Solutions & Head of US

Joined UCB in March 1994
Appointed in February 2015

Sandrine Dufour

Executive Vice President
Chief Financial Officer

Joined UCB in July 2020
Appointed in July 2020

Fiona du Monceau

Executive Vice President
Patient Evidence

Joined UCB in 2024
Appointed in 2024

Jean-Luc Fleurial

Executive Vice President &
Chief Human Resources Officer

Joined UCB in September 2017
Appointed in September 2017

Alistair Henry

Executive Vice President
Chief Scientific Officer

Joined UCB in 2004
Appointed in 2024

Iris Loew-Friedrich

Executive Vice President &
Chief Medical Officer

Joined UCB in September 2006
Appointed in March 2008

Kirsten Lund-Jurgensen

Executive Vice President,
Supply & Technology Solutions

Joined UCB in 2019
Appointed in September 2019

Denelle Waynick Johnson

Executive Vice-President &
General Counsel

Joined UCB in 2023
Appointed in April 2023