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I am very proud of my husband

Sometimes destiny deals us a blow but when one door closes, a window always opens. Let us be optimistic and appreciate what we have.

When her husband, José Maria, took the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease in his stride, Veronica knew that she must be supportive and had to get over her initial despair.

‘My task is not diffi cult as he is such a positive person. If he has a low point, we all pull together to help him get over it. We look at everything we have to be grateful about: our children, his hopes, our luck in living in such as beautiful city, and as we are believers, our faith in God,’ Veronica explains.

At fi rst, she and José Maria knew very little about Parkinson’s, but they soon put that right by reading books and getting information on the Internet. Veronica watched her husband’s symptoms improve after a few months of taking his medication. As José Maria took more exercise, Veronica asked the neurologist whether her husband was trying to do too much. But she was advised to let him set his own limits.

‘I am very proud of my husband and I have been very lucky in my life with him. His thirst for survival is admirable. I want to help him with everything, support him always an encourage him.’

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