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UCB - Acquisition of innovative treatments in allergy

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6th February, 2004 - UCB announces the signature of a world-wide exclusive co-development, marketing, and sales agreement with Dynavax Technologies Corporation (California).

This agreement concerns the acquisition of a range of preventive treatments of severe ragweed, grass and certain nut allergies, the latter which are in some cases fatal. Such allergies are among the most frequent in the USA and in certain European and Asian countries. The efficacy of the new treatment against ragweed allergy has already been demonstrated in human beings in Phase II studies. A phase IIb study should be initiated very shortly.

For the first time, these treatments address the causes and not the symptoms in allergy and, as such, represent a major therapeutic break-through.

The agreement foresees an upfront payment by UCB at signature, additional payments based on the project development, and afterwards royalties. UCB will fund the development programme.

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