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UCB: Acquisition in the field of Specialty Chemicals

In a new step to reinforce its position in surface technologies, UCB announces the acquisition of the Graphic Arts business from Air Products.

This decision aims to complement UCB's Radcure technology and strengthen its leadership position in the Graphic Arts business by diversifying its application solutions for its customers. This acquisition provides UCB with innovative liquid resins, including waterborne emulsion and solid acrylics for graphic arts applications including flexography on paper and films for food/cosmetic packaging and labels.

UCB will also have the opportunity to further globalize these products outside the US, through its strong presence on the European and Asian markets.

This acquisition includes a production facility in Langley, South Carolina (USA) with 35 people involved. Sales generated by this business in 2002 were $ 17 million.

The resins technology portfolio that UCB presents for applications in graphic arts are state-of-the-art environmentally friendly technologies that represent a strong alternative to the existing solvent based resins, making it amongst the fastest growing technology in this market.

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