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Newsroom Press Releases

FINANCIERE DE TUBIZE - UCB's proposed acquisition of Schwarz Pharma

FINANCIERE DE TUBIZE has been informed of UCB contemplated acquisition of a controlling interest in SCHWARZ AG through a  friendly combined public takeover bid (in cash and in UCB shares).

FINANCIERE DE TUBIZE is in favor of this major industrial project which will allow UCB to continue its expansion and intends to vote for the required capital increase at  UCB's shareholders meeting.

While continuing to be the controlling shareholder of UCB, FINANCIERE DE TUBIZE looks forward to acting in concert with SCHWARZ 's family holding , which would vote with FINANCIERE DE TUBIZE at UCB's shareholders meetings and  would have a director on UCB's Board.

For further enquiries, please contact

Philippe De Coodt

Tel +32 2 655 06 73

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