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Opening up more research data

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Judy Bryson, UCB Biosciences - Immunology TA
In recent months we have begun to share data on our own website and on a site to which several pharmaceutical companies contribute.

We want to open up more of the data generated during clinical trials while remaining committed to preserving patient privacy. This kind of responsible transparency has the potential to accelerate medical innovation – something which is at the core of what we do.

UCB was the first mid-cap biopharma company to sign up to an online portal offering responsible data sharing – the Clinical Study Data Request platform. We officially went live on the site at the end of October. Researchers can use this system to submit research proposals and request anonymised data from clinical studies listed on the site.

At the end of August we produced a series of tables on clinical trials and made them available on This feature allows researchers to select one of our drugs from a drop-down menu and view information from clinical studies. This enables free access to dozens of UCB-sponsored studies on individual products, making them all available in a single place.

The data provided is from interventional studies, phase 2 to 4, which started after January, 1, 2004. For each study, information on the disease area, study type and recruitment status are provided.

There is also a link to the protocol information on and, if available, on the Further results will be added as they become available.

We believe the spirit of openness that this demonstrates will help researchers, academics and, ultimately and most importantly, patients with severe diseases.

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