Picture of lab items
12 Nov 2020

UCB strengthens its gene therapy activities

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General picture  with a brain.
6 May 2019

UCB: Proud to be part of the American Academy of Neurology Community

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picture of a patient and a doctor
15 Apr 2019

Changing the patient engagement paradigm

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21 Feb 2019

New report puts spotlight on Patient Value

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14 Feb 2019

Emotions matter - let’s listen

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5 Sep 2018

New approach accelerates drug discovery

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Picture of a microscope and bottles
8 Sep 2017

Advancing Women in Bone Science and Research

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22 Aug 2017

UCB wins award for helping people with rheumatic diseases

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7 Jun 2017

Harnessing science and continued research to improve lives of people with Parkinson’s

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18 Apr 2017

Signalling our commitment to partnership

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