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UCB unveils two new epilepsy projects

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Scott Fleming, UK Communications
We’re launching two new initiatives this week in the UK which I think are excellent examples of our ongoing support for the epilepsy community.

The first, a new two-year deal with scientists from Imperial College London, will begin a collaboration designed to identify disease-modifying targets in epilepsy.

Researchers from Imperial College and experts from our own research facilities will combine their expertise to deepen scientific understanding of the brain networks underlying epileptic activity.

Knowing how these networks are regulated could ultimately lead to new therapies for patients.

The project will also mark the first time that cutting edge technologies such as RNA sequencing will be used in translational epilepsy research – an exciting development which we hope will yield new knowledge in the years to come.

The initiative is in keeping with our commitment to partnership with the academic sector. I mentioned earlier this year that UCB and Oxford University have launched a new partnership, funded by a contribution of £3.6 million from UCB.

You might also recall that UCB is an active participant in the Innovative Medicines Initiative – a public-private partnership between medicines companies and the European Commission. These efforts will be crucial to future advances in patient care.

Scottish Epilepsy Centre
The other new project we launched this week focuses directly on improving patient treatment and assessment.

UCB is helping to fund a new epilepsy patient centre in Glasgow, Scotland. The company is supporting the Quarriers Scottish Epilepsy Centre (SEC), a Scottish charity dedicated to helping children, families and adults overcome adversity.

The SEC runs the only dedicated epilepsy assessment centre in Scotland, run by an expert, multi-disciplinary clinical team offering integrated, person-centred epilepsy care.

The charity will open its new building in spring 2013 which will be one of the most advanced epilepsy centres in the world.

Not only will patients get the highest standard of care at the centre but most of Scotland’s trainee neurologists, as well as a number of GPs and nurses, will be offered training at the centre.

The legacy of both of these projects – like our commitment to epilepsy – will be long-lasting.

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