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UCB named among most diverse and inclusive companies

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Tina Ilsted Terkelsen, Patient Value Function Talent & Company Reputation
As a global company bringing medicines to patients around the world, we strive to ensure that our workforce reflects the wider community. At UCB, we inspire a culture of inclusion by embracing diverse talents, motivating our people, and leveraging diversity of thought and experience to create value for patients.

We have been working hard to make progress in these areas for several years and have seen steady improvement. It is always heartening when our efforts are recognised by an authoritative external organisation.

Today, we are pleased to see UCB ranked in the top 25 companies in the 2018 Diversity & Inclusion Index.

The Index, compiled by Thomson Reuters, ranks over 7,000 publicly listed companies to identify the top 100 companies with the most diverse and inclusive workplaces. UCB was named joint 12th on a list of companies from across multiple industries.

The list is compiled based on 24 separate metrics under four pillars: diversity, inclusion, people development, and news & controversies. Thomson Reuters assess companies based on gender diversity and cultural diversity, work-life balance, training and employee support, and media coverage of issues relating to diversity and working conditions.

The Index helps to promote these values and inspires us to continue our efforts to make UCB a great place to work – for everyone.

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