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Careers Applying to UCB

Apply today and lend your blend to the UCB mix.

Blending talents, pushing boundaries

Are you entrepreneurial with passionate flair? At UCB that means you are "entreprenate". Are you caring and scientific? For UCB you're "carentific". Blending your talents to push the boundaries of what is possible for patients - that's what it means to work for UCB.

Join us to unlock innovation and set new standards that improve patients' lives!

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Your career at UCB

Global career opportunities in a challenging environment with like-minded individuals.

As a global company, with operations in about 40 countries worldwide, we provide extensive opportunities to develop your career and work throughout the world. We are striving to provide our employees with a challenging working environment which still promotes a work-life balance. We constantly innovate and provide our employees with a competitive compensation and benefits package.

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