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Sharing solutions for patients with movement disorders

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    Scientific congresses are great opportunities to share our latest research data with health professionals and scientists. This week UCB will be at the International Congress of Parkinson's Disease & Movement Disorders in Stockholm, Sweden (June 8-12).

    This annual event is hosted by the International Parkinson & Movement Disorder Society and attracts thousands of experts and researchers with an interest in movement disorders. We will be sharing our expertise in Parkinson’s disease and Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) with attending delegates.

    The scientific programme of the Congress includes five UCB-sponsored poster presentations, three focused on Parkinson’s disease and two on RLS. One of the RLS posters has been selected as one of the best poster presentations of the Congress and will also be presented in an oral session.

    Delegates will also have the opportunity to attend our sponsored symposium where leading experts will discuss "Treatment Strategies to Improve Parkinson’s Disease Patients’ Well-Being Throughout Their Journey".

    At congresses of this size, the exhibition hall is always a hive of activity. We will have representatives at our booth to highlight our commitment to patient-centric care.

    For example, we will be demonstrating how to use the Parkinson’s Well-Being Map, a tool which helps patients to prepare for consultations with their healthcare team.

    We hope delegates will leave the Congress inspired by the work we and others are doing to advance understanding and treatment of movement disorders.

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