General picture of awards
5 Feb 2019

UCB Iberia’s award-winning initiatives improve lives through technology

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Official logo of the Parkinson's disease day
11 Apr 2018

UCB is proud to #UniteforParkinsons

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28 Jun 2017

UCB welcomes the "Value of Treatment for Brain Disorder" report

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7 Jun 2017

Harnessing science and continued research to improve lives of people with Parkinson’s

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8 Apr 2016

UCB’s commitment to enable people with Parkinson’s to live engaged, full, active lives on World Parkinson’s Day

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11 Jun 2015

What role does the immune system play in brain diseases?

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4 May 2015

Supporting neuroscience, sharing results

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30 Mar 2015

We must do better for Parkinson's patients

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19 Feb 2015

Disease classification must catch up with science

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4 Feb 2015

How real-time data can make medicine smarter

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