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Prevention and treatment

Osteoporosis by StockPhotoPro


There is no cure for osteoporosis so treatment involves preventing and treating fractures and using medication to strengthen bones. An osteoporosis management plan may include regular exercise and proper nutrition, including sufficient calcium and vitamin D intake, which are important to maintaining strong bones. Preventing falls and avoiding tobacco and excess alcohol intake are additional components for effectively managing osteoporosis.

For those at high risk there is a range of prescription medicines that can help slow/stop bone loss, build new bone, increase bone density and reduce fracture risk.


Good sources of calcium include dairy products, green vegetables, certain fruits, nuts and canned fish with soft, edible bones. Vitamin D can be found in foods such as oily fish, eggs and liver, and is also made in the skin following exposure to the sun.

Weight-bearing exercise such as hiking, running, dancing, ball games and brisk walking are associated with lower risk of osteoporosis. Building muscle strength also helps. This can be achieved by lifting weights or doing resistance exercises. Yoga and Pilates can improve strength and balance.

Osteoporosis by StockPhotoPro