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UCB marks China’s annual 'Epilepsy Care Day'

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Shiro Huang, Public Relations, China
Epilepsy affects millions of people in China. UCB is playing its part in improving patients’ lives and our company supported a series of events to mark China’s annual ‘Epilepsy Care Day’ on June 28.

This is the 10th year UCB has supported the China Association Against Epilepsy in its efforts to increase disease awareness, improve care for people living with epilepsy and eliminate the stigma surrounding the disease. Events were held in 46 hospitals in 100 cities, reaching 15,000 patients and their caregivers.

A special event was hosted by Project Hope at the Shanghai Children's Medical Center. It’s part of the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ Epilepsy Children Care Program, one of UCB’s key CSR initiatives in China.

Continued commitment
However, epilepsy is a chronic disease and a once-a-year awareness day cannot meet patients’ huge needs for reliable up-to-date information on diagnosis and treatment. That’s why UCB is exploring new ways to create value for epilepsy patients in a sustainable way.

Taking advantage of the boom in digital healthcare services in China, UCB has collaborated with the China Association of Health Promotion and Education to launch a digital disease education platform, called ‘Carnation’ on a popular social media channel.

Through this platform, patients learn about the disease, treatment and nutrition. They can search for epilepsy specialists and attend online patient education sessions as well as interacting with physicians.

20 hospitals across the country have established a partnership with the ‘Carnation’ platform. More than 1,000 patients or their caregivers have already been reached and we expect to hit 5,000 patients by the end of this year.

Online consultation
Due to China’s large epilepsy population, it can be difficult for patients to register in a hospital or see the right physician. To help solve this problem, UCB is collaborating with WeDoctor, a digital healthcare service, to set up a platform for online consultations.

The first consultations have already been held. Professor Hong Zhen, Chairman of the China Association Against Epilepsy, and five epilepsy specialists from Shanghai Huashan Hospital joined the online session and provided services to more than 200 patients and their caregivers in a single day.

Our colleagues in China are hoping to share these best practices with more hospitals to benefit growing numbers of patients in China.

We see a long-term role for UCB in helping to improve the lives of people in China living with epilepsy. Our continued support for this annual awareness day, along with the other events outlined above, are a demonstration of that commitment.

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