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Supporting the informed patient

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Lode Dewulf, Patient Affairs
One of the most important changes in healthcare in recent decades is the empowerment of patients. In the information age, patients and health professionals can access educational resources,  form communities and share experiences, research and advice with ease.
At UCB, we see our role as more than simply a provider of medicines. We are committed to improving patient care and addressing healthcare knowledge gaps by providing non-promotional information to patients and health professionals.

This is done in a variety of ways including strong and transparent support for patient organisations, launching specific information initiatives to support patients, encouraging responsible media coverage and creating new tools to aid the doctor-patient relationship.

UCB.com  can play its part too. We have launched a dedicated Education section which provides information on the kinds of programmes we support, as well as details of how to apply for support and donations.

We believe education can lead to better understanding of scientific, clinical and healthcare issues that contribute to the quality and safety of patient care. UCB supports high-quality, independent education through unrestricted support and donations focused on enhancing medical professional and patient awareness, knowledge and education.

Take a look and let us know if there are ways we can continue to improve our new Education section.

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