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Osteoporosis Insights - "I stay away from crowded venues"

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Scott Fleming, Global Communications & Company Reputation
For most, July signals the start of summer, the end of school, longer hotter days and relaxing in busy parks and on beaches. For people who have suffered a fragility fracture, however, these busy spaces can cause fear as even a slight bump or fall from standing height can lead to a broken bone.

Osteoporosis is a condition that weakens bones over time, making them more likely to break. One member of our Experts by Experience panel – a group of patients with the condition – spoke about the way his osteoporosis has isolated him socially:
  • “I still don’t go to a crowded venue, because if somebody bumps me, I fracture ribs. I wish I could wear a badge that said “I have osteoporosis”, because I’m in so much pain, and to keep people away.”
  • “It makes you fearful of everyday activities you have enjoyed for decades.”
Another member explained how his condition has made him feel like “an old man in a young body.”
  • “My personality has changed completely. Nearly 16 years since my first fracture and I still live in fear of the next time. It’s also affected other things like my breathing and my capacity to eat meals without discomfort.”
If you have osteoporosis or have a loved one with the condition, and are worried about the impact it is having on your life – remember you are not alone. Speak to your doctor or reach out to a patient support group about how you can better manage your osteoporosis.

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