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Osteoporosis Insights - "I am constantly in a state of fear"

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Whether it’s heights, the dark or even a particular horror film, many people will admit that there is something that makes them afraid. Now imagine if that feeling of dread was not just temporary but an everyday occurrence. For many patients with osteoporosis, this is the unfortunate reality associated with their condition.

Osteoporosis is a disease that reduces bone density and increases the risk of suffering a fracture. The loss of bone takes place gradually and without symptoms until a minor accident, such as a fall, leads to a broken bone. For the 200 million people worldwide who live with osteoporosis, the disease can mean living in fear that normal everyday activities may cause a broken bone.

To better understand how this feels, our Experts by Experience panel, a group of patients with osteoporosis who have suffer fragility fractures, explained to us why the condition has left them feeling afraid.
  • “It makes you fearful of everyday activities you have performed for decades, suddenly it all changes.” A panel member explained. “Carrying groceries, opening jars, walking, reaching, you name it. Mundane issues evolve into monsters.”
  • “I still don’t go to a crowded venue, because if somebody bumps me, I fracture ribs” said a panel member highlighting a common fear experienced by patients.
Another panel member explained that other medical conditions can magnify the consequences of osteoporosis and add to the sensation of being afraid to suffer a fracture.
  • “I think my condition is becoming quite serious because of my falling due to a failed hip replacement, different leg lengths, peripheral neuropathy causing numbness and pain in my feet, my widespread osteoarthritis and because of an eye stroke, my depth perception is affected and I misjudge things. I am always in fear of breaking major bones”.
For patients who are concerned and scared about living with osteoporosis and their fracture risk, speaking to a doctor or patient group will provide practical tips, help and advice to better manage the condition.

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