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New online tool helps patients and physicians find our clinical studies

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Nathalie Vandenbruaene, Global Communications & Company Reputation
As a science-driven company, UCB’s clinical studies are essential to developing new medicines. We are committed to sharing information on clinical studies and making research results publicly accessible.

In keeping with this desire to bring value and transparency to patients, we have launched a new section on our website dedicated to clinical studies. This allows patients and physicians to learn about current studies and to find out about patient enrollment possibilities.

All medicines must pass safety and efficacy tests if they are to be approved by regulators. Our clinical studies pages explain how clinical research works, who can take part in studies, and explains what study participants can expect if they choose to take part.

An easy-to-use tool allows users to search for relevant research projects which are currently enrolling. This improves access to studies while helping researchers to connect with people who might be suitable for a particular study. Information on our current studies will be updated on our website on a monthly basis.

Medical research is a collaborative effort to reach a mutually beneficial goal. We want to deliver new solutions to meet the needs of patients and hope this new section of our website can help us achieve this target together.

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