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Epilepsy project wins "Most Valuable Patient Initiative or Service Award"

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Cynthia Dilley, Patient Value Unit - Neurology
A collaborative initiative by UCB and the Epilepsy Foundation, a US patient advocacy group, has won an award at the 2016 eyeforpharma conference in Philadelphia.

The epilepsy project, which was designed to reveal the factors associated with improved seizure control and reduced hospitalizations, was named ‘Most Valuable Patient Initiative or Service’.

It delivered real results with the potential to improve patient outcomes. Researchers examined the health insurance records of 17,743 people with epilepsy to examine the risk factors for hospitalization in this large group of US patients.

Results of the study, which were published in the scientific journal Epilepsy & Behavior, showed that several factors including use of newer antiepileptic drugs and access to specialty care were associated with improved outcomes for people living with epilepsy.

Based on the data, state-by-state scorecards were released that assess each state’s utilization of newer AEDs and the availability of care from a neurologist in comparison to other states.

This inspiring initiative aimed to raise the standard of epilepsy care by identifying potential barriers and the opportunities for improvement.

At UCB we are proud that our efforts to improve the lives of people living with epilepsy have been acknowledged and will continue to collaborate with others who share our commitment.

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