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Opening our cutting edge ‘robotic lab’ to scientists

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Scott Fleming, UK Communications
Innovation and collaboration hold the key to developing the next generation of medicines. That is why UCB is calling for proposals from scientists for collaborative drug discovery projects on antibody targets.

At the beginning of the year I wrote about UCB’s pioneering antibody discovery platform – the result of a multi-million euro investment at our UK immunology research centre. Today, I have the pleasure of inviting scientists to access this innovative new platform.

Through a new Technology Platform Access programme, academic and research groups can work with our custom-built automated antibody discovery platform, designed to speed up our drug development work and increase our capacity to bring new therapies to patients.

The ‘robotic lab’ is capable of rapidly generating, selecting, producing and evaluating new human antibody-based medicines for patients.

Together, we believe top scientists and our elite drug discovery team can unlock the full potential of this potentially game-changing system.

UCB has a solid record of investing in drug discovery and in partnering with academics to advance towards a shared goal. We are committed to open innovation as an essential route to turning science into solutions for patients.

Our investment in cutting-edge laboratory equipment, and the decision to open it to scientists, is a living demonstration of our approach to innovation.

For more information or to request an ‘Expression of Interest’ form please email us at

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