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#GoBoldy: R&D is an investment in a new era of medicine

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    Research and development (R&D) of innovative medicines is the lifeblood of healthcare innovation. UCB is committed to investing in science – and translating cutting-edge medical knowledge into therapies that address the unmet needs of patients.

    The discovery and development of new drugs is a lengthy and complicated process. Yet it is an essential part of what we do: our science has delivered for people with severe diseases in the fields of immunology and neurology – but we know there is still a need for new treatments and cures. UCB continues to invest about a quarter of our revenue in R&D.

    Meeting the challenges of modern medicine requires a bold, long-term commitment to science. That is why UCB is pleased to #GoBoldly and be a part of the campaign from the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA). This initiative continues to showcase our industry’s unsung scientific heroes who are driving advances in medicine.

    Learn more about how companies like UCB are tenaciously working to deliver a new era of medicine on and

    Biopharmaceutical companies invest heavily in R&D. In the U.S. alone, the biopharma industry spends more than $70 billion per year on research – more than any other industry. The sector accounts for 17% of all domestic R&D funded by U.S. businesses. This is far more than the software (13%), automotive (5%), and aerospace (4%) industries.

    We are pleased to see leading companies in our industry come together to highlight the huge effort our scientists and researchers are making to bring a new generation of valuable treatments to people who need them.

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