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Starting from a patient perspective focuses epilepsy treatment progress

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Allyson Funk, US Communications and Public Relations
As UCB attends the 2018 American Epilepsy Society meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana this week, Mike Davis, Head of UCB’s U.S. Neurology Patient Value Unit, talks about the importance of using innovative approaches to shorten the time it takes a patient to get control of their condition. The following is an excerpt from his LinkedIn article, “Starting from a Patient Perspective Focuses Epilepsy Treatment Progress.” Read the full article on LinkedIn.

“Few health conditions cause as much disruption to daily life as epilepsy. Even with enormous advances in the management of this serious neurological disease, more than 2 million Americans and their families go through each day dealing not only with the risk of seizures, but also anxiety, depression, and social isolation associated with their disease.

“Our goal at UCB is to reduce the stigma of epilepsy, simplify control, streamline healthcare hassles, and improve life in between seizures. We aim to enable patients to live their own lives, chart their own path, and benefit from knowing more about all the possibilities. We call this, ‘My Epilepsy, My Journey.’

“In short, it takes longer than it should for patients to get control of their condition. Many patients can take years to be diagnosed, then it can take several more years to get to the right specialist and still more time to experiment with the right combination of medicines to get epilepsy under control.  In the meantime, relationships, goals, career and family may have all suffered or been lost entirely as a result of the lack of control.  We must and we can do more to restore the years of damage that this disease can induce.

“This is why UCB seeks collaborative partners. One example is eliprio® , where UCB is working to harness the power of predictive analytics along with machine learning through its collaboration with various academic institutions and integrated delivery networks for the purpose of creating positive, disruptive change in the care management of patients with epilepsy. These solutions actively learn from the successes (and failures) of more than two million unique epilepsy patients to inform what is most likely to work for the individual patient in front of the physician at that very moment.

“We have also introduced a new integrated strategy to help deliver neurology treatments to patients who need them as fast as possible. We are reimagining how we engage with providers and patients to better understand their needs, adapt fast, and iterate quickly to meet those needs. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we know that patient needs are different in different areas of the country. To meet those needs we’re focused on local ecosystems so that we can customize solutions for patients specific to where they live. To do this, we have to be agile in how we collaborate to drive impact.

“By continually listening to patients, our business and innovation follows their needs first. UCB was founded on principles of innovation 90 years ago and innovating for patients is our guidepost today. Our singular goal is to help patients achieve their best, whatever that may be.”

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