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UCB recognised for science and skills

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Scott Fleming, UK Communications
UCB is Inspired by Patients. Driven by Science. What this boils down to is a commitment by our people to use our skills and knowhow to meet the needs of people with severe diseases.

This commitment was recognised at the 3rd annual Cogent Sciences Awards in London. The initiative celebrates those who have excelled in contributing to the development of skills within the life sciences sector.

It was a big night for UCB. Last year UCB was delighted to take home the prestigious Employer of the Year Award. This year, we did it again.

Winning this award for a second consecutive year, in a sector with so many strong employers, is a huge achievement and says a great deal about the value our company places on skills.

UCB seeks to attract talented scientists and support their development so that our teams can truly work at the cutting edge of research and drug development.

Our scientists – at senior and trainee level – were also recognised for their contribution to the sector. UCB senior principal scientist, Rachel Garlish, was selected as the winner in the "Outstanding Leadership in Skills" Award, and UCB scientist Stephanie Smith was shortlisted for the "Advanced Apprentice in R&D" award.

Investing in training and development are good for our bright young researchers as well as the established investigators leading our teams. It's good for the company's capacity to address patient need. And it's good for patients who rely on our excellence to improve the quality of their lives.

Recognition of this at the Cogent Sciences Skills Awards inspires us continue to value and nurture scientific skills.

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