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Steffen Fritzsche, Corporate Communications Germany
UCB is Inspired by Patients. Driven by Science. We believe in applying the latest scientific knowledge to improve patients' lives.

That is why we support medical professionals in keeping up to date with the best in clinical practice.

The annual UCB "CNS Dialogues" event has become a fixture in the calendars of many neurologists in Germany, as well as some in Austria and Switzerland.

Held every January in Munich, it is an opportunity for doctors to hear from top speakers in their field and take part in workshops on hot topics. It is one of the highest profile neurology education meetings in Germany.

Patients may not be aware of the work their specialists put in to stay on top of the latest in medical knowledge but we have seen first-hand how strong the demand is for top-notch medical education.

This year's event, which took place on January 17 and 18, focused on epilepsy and movement disorders. Most of the 234 doctors who attended were office-based neurologists. While hospital-based doctors have access to various forms of education, we see a special need for providing continuous medical education opportunities for specialists who run their own practices.

Doctors appreciate this greatly as can be seen from the high response rate we received to the invitations we sent out. As is the case in many countries, specialists must complete a certain number of hours of accredited medical education every year. As "CNS Dialogues" is accredited by the authorities, neurologists can partially fulfill their training obligations by attending.

Neurologists tell us that they attend every year because they pick up valuable tips and recommendations from experts which can be applied to their daily practice. According to the German Section of the International  League against Epilepsy around 30% of epilepsy patients do not respond to the drug treatment proposed by their doctor but by trying other options, even patients who initially had difficulty finding the right treatment can become seizure free. This is the result we all want to achieve.

We also know that the 234 doctors we welcomed to Munich this year share their expertise locally with other health professionals, multiplying the impact of our two-day session. Ultimately this helps to increase the standards of care that patients receive.

Given the success of this, the sixth annual "CNS Dialogues" event, we look forward to planning another event next January. This is what neurologists ask of us and patients can find it reassuring that their doctors are keen to stay on top of the latest in medical science.

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