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Postcard from the European Congress on Epileptology

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    We’re at the 10th European Congress on Epileptology in London this week where UCB is demonstrating its support for the epilepsy community.

    It has been a busy few days in London, packed with symposia, interesting poster and platform presentations as well as a lively exhibition hall.

    UCB is sponsoring several data presentations at the Congress and delegates have an opportunity to speak with UCB representatives at the booth.

    Earlier this week over 700 people attended UCB’s sponsored symposium entitled ‘Managing Epilepsy: Learning from Today to Inform Tomorrow’. Speakers discussed how treatment options for epilepsy can be advanced in the future, the reality of living with epilepsy, how informed decision-making can support epilepsy management, and considerations for choosing the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.

    This year we are also taking the opportunity to gather some insights from healthcare professionals on optimal care in epilepsy and we hope to share key findings later this year.

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