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‘Closing the Gap’ at Christmas time

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Isabelle de Cambry, Corporate Social Responsibility
At this time of year when we are bombarded with advertisements for new high-tech gadgets, it’s easy to forget that a huge proportion of the world’s population is being left behind by the digital revolution.

The computers, servers, printers, phones and fax machines will be used by Close the Gap to help bridge the digital divide between developed and developing countries.
UCB is delighted to support the work of this not-for-profit organisation which has worked to boost access to technology across the globe.

Close the Gap has supported a range of projects which can help achieve the Millennium Development Goal of better access to information technology.
For UCB, this initiative underlines our desire to be environmentally and socially responsible in everything we do.

It allows us to help provide new opportunities to those who need them most, while at the same time giving a ‘second life’ to some ICT hardware.

Of course, this is just one strand of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work in 2011. Regular readers will recall the recent announcement that we are supporting a new epilepsy centre in Beijing; we’ve completed the first survey of our entire workforce; and our Carpooling for Cargo initiative was recognized for its innovative and environmentally friendly approach to logistics.
We look forward to telling you about more of our CSR efforts in 2012.

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