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New "Fact Book" for investors

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    In October I introduced you to our new Investor Fact Sheet which offers a snapshot of what UCB is all about.

    Well, today I’m pleased to tell you that our new Investor Fact Book is available on the Investor Relations’ section. It features all the key information investors tell us they need when assessing a company and gives more details on UCB’s financials, our pipeline and the diseases on which we are focused.

    The Fact Book also reflects UCB’s new visual identity, which should make it easier to navigate and it offers plenty of attractive graphs and images to help you rapidly digest the details you need.

    It includes details of our key personnel and insights into our philosophy on everything from open innovation and partnership to drug development and our company’s heritage.

    And yet, the Fact Book is not overwhelming. You should not need to spend hours sifting through reams of data, trying to find what you want.

    Take a look and if you would like more information, you know who to ask.  The IR Team is always at your service!

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