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Growth of core medicines creates a strong foundation for new era

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Antje Witte, Investor Relations
We are entering an important new growth era: our rich late-stage pipeline is poised to reach pivotal milestones from the second half of 2014 through mid- 2016.

The performance of UCB’s core medicines in the past and in 2013 has laid the foundations for “our new era”.

Revenue last year was €3,411 million. Around one third of this – €1,187m – came from the combined net sales of our three core medicines which was a 27% increase over 12 months.

UCB went into 2013 buoyed by the news that sales of our core medicines had eclipsed sales of our established epilepsy drug. That trend has continued, with the core medicines continuing on their growth path while net sales of the established epilepsy product were down by 15%.

Underlying profitability (recurring EBITDA) was up to
€ 689 million (+1%) due to lower marketing and selling expenses supporting continued high R&D investment. Net profit reached €200 million reflecting higher tax expenses. Core earnings per share (EPS) were € 1.93, and a gross dividend of € 1.04 per share has been proposed by the Board of Directors.

At UCB we are Inspired by patients. Driven by science. We continue to focus on translating scientific knowledge into therapies for severe diseases - to deliver superior and sustainable value to patients – and to shareholders.

Leadership continuity is critical to ensuring the successful launch of these important products in the severe disease areas of osteoporosis, lupus and epilepsy. Last week we announced UCB will have a new CEO from 2015 onwards.

During 2014, when on the road or presenting at conferences, you might be able to meet the current leader of the UCB Biopharma Brand and Solutions team - who will be our next CEO. We are both looking forward to meeting you!

For more information, please contact Antje Witte.

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