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New partnership with King’s College London enhances academic collaboration

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Laurent Schots, Global Communications & Company Reputation
At UCB, we are committed to working with leading universities and research centres to address unmet patient needs. As part of our collaborative R&D work, we are establishing research satellite facilities which offer opportunities to embed our scientists in centres of excellence.  

This furthers our strategy of complementing R&D activity undertaken in its two major international research hubs in Belgium and the UK, with smaller satellite facilities that locate industry scientists in innovative environments conducive to building new capabilities.

Now we are adding a new satellite centre at King’s College London, UK. Over the next three years, leading UCB and King’s scientists will work together on-site at the Guy’s Campus – where King’s is developing a Biotech Hub. There, they will combine their expertise to translate basic research into solutions for patients.

Under a three-year agreement, this collaboration is designed to help progress a potential new medicine into human clinical studies by 2020.

For UCB, one of the attractions of the UK – on top of the UK’s vibrant life sciences environment – is the potential to build on our numerous collaborations with leading universities.

Partnerships like our new collaboration with King’s will enhance our efforts to deliver for people living with severe diseases. Together, we can turn research into development.

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