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UCB Community Health Fund’s ongoing impact in 2024

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Xavier Hormaechea, UCB Community Health Fund

Through its Community Health Fund, UCB supports organizations dedicated to improving the physical, social, and psychological well-being of young people aged 15 to 24 with mental disorders across the globe. As we embrace a new year, we are excited to share the news that the UCB Community Health Fund is extending its support to those who need it most. Building on the success of the past years, the Community Health Fund will contribute over €2.6 million to 61 non-profit associations worldwide in 2024.

Supporting Communities Globally
The selected organizations span across diverse regions, including Belgium, the United Kingdom, the United States, and more. This year's grantees have been carefully chosen to make a significant impact on various community health aspects.

Empowering Inspiring Organizations
"We are so happy that we are able to help young people around the world. The associations that we're partnering with are incredibly inspiring, and they are able to make a real, positive impact in the field of mental health," says Xavier Hormaechea, Secretary General of the UCB Community Health Fund.

Allocation of Funds
Since its establishment in 2020, the UCB Community Health Fund has granted 9 million EUR to 204 mental health initiatives for vulnerable young people spanning across different countries globally. In 2024, the Fund will allocate a substantial budget of €2.6 million, distributed among 61 associations. Each organization will receive funding ranging from €10,000 to €50,000. This financial support enables these entities to continue their remarkable work in enhancing mental health and well-being globally.

“Recent years have been extraordinarily challenging for young people facing homelessness across the South West of England. The majority of young people in our services have experienced social isolation and mental health challenges, such as depression and anxiety, which is often a result of significant childhood trauma. Unfortunately, overlapping crises in our local economy, housing systems and health services mean that young people very often struggle to find the assistance they need. With generous support from the UCB Community Health Fund, 1625 Independent People will help young people to improve their mental health through our specialist Wellbeing Coaching, access positive social activities through our Engagement Programme and build trusting relationships through our Peer Support networks. It will also enable our Wellbeing Coaches to train and support colleagues across our charity to recognise and support young people’s mental health needs.” – Dom Wood, CEO of 1625 Independent People, a 2024 Community Health Fund grantee.

Making a Difference Locally
Our grants are making a global impact, supporting various organizations and projects worldwide. Explore a detailed overview of the organizations funded by the 2024 Community Health Fund here.

For more information about the UCB Community Health Fund and the incredible work of the supported organizations, please visit our website.

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