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UCB: Proud to be part of the American Academy of Neurology Community

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Jim Baxter, Global Communications & Company Reputation
UCB colleagues from around the world are excited to attend the 2019 American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting.

This year, the meeting takes place in Philadelphia, USA, between May 4 -10, and provides a stage for the latest research and thinking to shared amongst the global neurology community.

UCB is proud to be hosting nine presentations at AAN 2019, illustrating our expertise, heritage, and commitment in this space. The breadth and depth of our data aligns with and reinforces our patient value driven approach to improving life for people living with neurological conditions.

We understand the extent to which neurological conditions like epilepsy can disrupt daily lives – for patients, for caregivers, and for family members.

UCB is committed to addressing this challenge. Whether by developing new medicines, improving access to existing treatments, or pioneering ‘beyond the pill’ solutions, UCB is actively involved in numerous initiatives around the world to help people live life at their ideal.

Alongside data on our current portfolio of epilepsy medicines, and research focusing on the overarching epilepsy landscape, we are proud to be presenting data describing proof-of-concept and safety data for our developmental anti-FcRn Antibody  in patients with moderate-to-severe generalized Myasthenia Gravis As with all our research, our FcRn development program harnesses perspectives from patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals with first-hand experience of this condition to help us ensure our science addresses real world needs.

We’re excited to be participating in this important forum for sharing neurological research and thinking, and for the opportunity to engage with researchers, healthcare professionals and advocacy organizations from around the world to help shape and improve the outcomes and experiences for people affected by neurological conditions.

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