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New report puts spotlight on Patient Value

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John-Kenneth Billingsley, External Engagement

At UCB we place patient value at the centre of everything we do. In practice, this means understanding and responding to their needs. It means making their priorities our priorities.

To take this approach to the next level, we need to reshape our health systems to reflect patient needs and values. UCB is committed to playing an active role in catalyzing a global shift towards patient-centred care.

That’s why we supported a significant piece of work by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). Launched at the Patient Value Summit in Bibliothèque Solvay, Brussels, this new research assesses the state of play in patient-centred care and charts a way forward.

The EIU has launched two insightful documents as part of this project. The first, "Creating Healthy Partnerships", is a white paper for policymakers that analyses 11 indicators in a policy scorecard for nine high and middle income countries and features results of surveys of national patient groups from five serious chronic disease areas. It also draws on additional research and interviews with leading voices from the global health community.

The scorecard shows that national strategies and policies for patient-centred care have been widely adopted. However, implementation remains challenging, especially in countries with fragmented delivery systems.

The transition from disease-focused to patient-centred care models, where patients are participants in the decision-making process, has only just begun.  

The survey of patient advocates found that the two most important areas for patient-centred care are outcomes that matter to patients and the quality of the patient experience. The survey also revealed that providers should take account of patients’ concerns about mobility and comorbidities – looking at the individual in the round rather than taking a narrow view of a particular disease.

Patients also said they appreciate support in retaining self-sufficiency and maintaining good health. At UCB, we fully support this and are committed to helping patients live their lives to the fullest.

The White Paper is accompanied by a research background paper, "Adoption of Patient-Centred Care: Findings and Methodology", examining how nine high- and middle-income countries are incorporating patient-centred care, as well as how patient values and preferences are captured in policy approaches and care guidelines for five conditions. The countries included are Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, the UK and the US. The five conditions are Epilepsy, Healthy Ageing (osteoporosis), HIV/AIDS, Mental Health (depression/anxiety) and Psoriasis.

By taking this global perspective, the research offers opportunities for countries to compare their progress against peers – and, crucially, learn from those delivering for patients.

The documents and supporting material produced by the EIU are available on a dedicated website:

We hope that this contribution to the conversation on patient value will add momentum to the global trend towards patient-centred care. Only by focusing on outcomes that matter to patients can we hope to fully realize the promise of patient-centred health systems.

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