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UCB materiality update results

To play our part in creating a more sustainable future, we want to focus on the areas where we have the most potential to deliver impact, given our specific skills, expertise, and heritage. To identify these topics, we conduct regular materiality analyses. A materiality assessment is a formal process to identify, refine and assess environmental, social and governance topics, which matter most to a company’s internal and external stakeholders and which have an impact on business performance.

Since 2019, UCB has been committed to an integrated approach to sustainable performance to better deliver societal value for key stakeholders – including people with severe diseases, shareholders, employees and communities, while minimizing our environmental footprint. Materiality assessments are part of this approach, as they not only guide reporting, but inform corporate strategy and risk assessment and guide efforts to improve our impact.

In 2023, UCB conducted a structured double materiality analysis in accordance with the requirements of the CSRD and the ESRS. The goal was to identify the most relevant environmental, social, and governance topics for UCB, based on how topics might create financial risks and opportunities for the company (outside-in perspective), as well as the company’s own impact on people and the environment (inside-out perspective).

We present below the list of the topics which UCB prioritized as material based on our 2023 materiality assessment exercise. Details on the approach/methodology followed to conduct our materiality analysis can be found in our 2023 Integrated Annual Report.