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Welcome to our Sustainability section

Welcome to our Sustainability section

Sustainability is our business approach

At UCB, we know that the challenges facing the world, from climate change to rising inequalities, are inextricably linked and that businesses have a key role to play to ensure a sustainable future for all. We are guided by the firm conviction that we can deepen our impact by addressing challenges at the intersection of our Patient Value Strategy and wider societal interests. In 2019, sustainability was defined as a strategic imperative for UCB. We completed an extensive materiality assessment to identify how best to maximize our societal contributions, while ensuring we continue to successfully develop our business.


In line with the findings from this exercise, we leverage our expertise to integrate sustainability into our business approach and improve societal health with a focus on four priority areas:


We design, develop and deliver differentiated solutions that help specific patients achieve their life goals and contribute to addressing societal health challenges. Learn more


We aim to foster a working environment and climate where people are happy, healthy, safe and able to thrive. We do this by creating the right conditions for colleagues to benefit from cutting-edge, impactful programs. We also aim to pay particular attention to colleagues affected by severe diseases, whether as patients or as caregivers. Learn more


In the countries where we operate, we are focused on ensuring that all patients who need our medicines have access to them in a way which is viable for patients, society and UCB.

In Low- and Medium-Income countries, we develop a social business approach to provide access to quality care and medicines for people with epilepsy. Learn more


We contribute to the transition towards a low carbon and green economy to protect the planet. Learn more

We also build on 2 foundational topics:

Our Governance

We create an environment that drives ethical behavior, thereby protecting the company’s reputation and ensuring sustained business performance. Learn more

Diversity, equity and inclusion

We aim to inspire a culture of inclusion by providing equitable opportunities to all employees, embracing diverse talents and leveraging diversity of thought and experience. Learn more