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Driven by patient value, not patient numbers

People with rare diseases often feel forgotten, unheard or misunderstood. The challenges they face can be magnified by isolation, and they may wonder if anyone else cares about what they need. They worry their disease affects too few people for anyone to care.

The greatest needs can’t always be measured in numbers. At UCB, we don’t just see patients or population sizes, we see people in need.

Through decades of serving the neurology and immunology communities, we have improved lives with impactful medicines and enhanced the social and emotional well-being of patients.

As a continuation of our heritage, and a progression of our science, we are expanding our efforts to developing treatments for rare neurological and immunologic diseases where current options offer little hope. We believe our scientific strength in these fields can create genuine value for the patient communities we serve.

Interested in working in rare? See what’s available.

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We are driven by science to translate patient insights into unique, disease modifying solutions that provide value and transform the patient experience.

Optimising patient experiences at every touch point with our company and our medicines is integral to everything we do.

Our approach to rare diseases is no different.

We're looking at the whole patient and we're thinking about the best ways to make their lives better.

Maya, Medical affairs

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UCB has been serving patients in need for more than 50 years. We are a committed member of the global healthcare community focusing our efforts on targeted patient communities for the long-term.

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UCB’s mission is to extend value by providing easier access to treatments and supporting patients in overcoming the burdens of their disease, helping them live their best lives.

In the US, UCB provides Managed Patient Access programs to support patient access needs.

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UCB is dedicated to finding unique solutions for diseases with a high degree of patient need, regardless of the size of the population – it is the needs of patients that directs our discovery efforts.

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With its headquarters in Belgium and a total of over 7,600 employees across 36 markets, UCB brings its innovative and differentiated solutions to patients all over the world.

A bit about us

UCB is committed to communicating science simply, bridging provider and patient connectivity, and engaging authentically with the dermatology community. In our 90-plus-year history, we have developed breakthrough medicines for neurological and immunological conditions.