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11 Apr 2022

World Parkinson’s Day 2022 - A patient centred model for Parkinson's research

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Happy Patient, Happy Doctor – The Importance of Listening to What Really Matters to Patients
21 Mar 2022

New patient-centred framework informs UCB’s approach to R&D drug development and ensures patients are at the heart of creating our innovative solutions

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28 Feb 2022

Collaborating with the patient community, for the patient community, in MG

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3 Dec 2021

Working Toward a More Equitable Future: Addressing Barriers in the Hispanic Epilepsy Community

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22 Nov 2021

Partnering with Patient Organizations for Parkinson's Research

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18 Nov 2021

Unique patient-led study into life with myasthenia gravis published in Neurology and Therapy

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