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My RLS Monitor™

Welcome to “My RLS Monitor™”. This monitor can help you to improve the communication with your doctor.

Only if your doctor properly understands how you are doing, can he/she treat or manage your RLS in an optimal way.

How can My RLS Monitor™ help me?

The monitor allows you to record and monitor your RLS symptoms, to assess the effect of your current RLS medications and to detect factors that might have caused a worsening of your RLS. The monitor can also help to detect augmentation – a major complication of long-term dopaminergic treatment.

During preparation for your next consultation this tool can help you to document all relevant aspects, so that you have them on hand and don’t forget about them while speaking with your doctor.


Using My RLS Monitor™ you are able to:

  • Monitor your condition
  • Detect factors that could have worsened your RLS
  • Make the most out of your consultation by providing your doctor a comprehensive view on your current well-being.


How do I complete the monitor?

The monitor is available in a number of countries and languages. You can download a PDF copy of the monitor to print and complete by hand. Once completed, you can take a copy of the map to your next consultation with your healthcare team.

To download a version of the "My RLS Monitor™" that you can print and fill in by hand, please select your country of origin from the list below.


Spain PDF
The Netherlands PDF