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Our new Employee Value Proposition: Making a mark for patients

Jonathan Berlan, Talent Acquisition
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Jonathan Berlan, Talent Acquisition

Last year was a time when every one of us reflected on our health and well-being. It was also a time for supporting each other. And a time for rediscovering our ability to adapt in the face of adversity. Employees in virtually every organization across the globe faced the challenges that came with needing to adjust their ways of working  and generally finding a new work life balance

For UCB, 2020 was also a time for ensuring we continue to develop, retain and attract the right talent. After all, UCB has an ambition to help people living with severe diseases achieve their goals and to live the lives they want. And to achieve our ambition, we need not just the best and brightest; we need people who care about making a meaningful difference to patients’ lives.

We reached out to our community of employees, spending several months collaborating with many of them.

The insights they shared helped us understand how we could help them build on their individual strengths and interests. It also helped us identify the key characteristics that make UCB the company we are so proud of today: intellectual and emotional power, unique talents, curiosity and innovative thinking.

We’ve brought together our findings in our new Employee Value Proposition (EVP), which I am proud to launch today under the  tagline ‘Make your mark for patients’. Our new EVP puts our ‘promise to talent’ into words—our promise to support our employees’ ambitions and passions while keeping our patients’ needs at the forefront of everything we do.

As I said earlier, our EVP identifies the key characteristics that make us who we are. It underlines a caring and collaborative culture based on scientific rigor and a constant curiosity to learn, adapt and grow:

  • Collaborative curiosity: The freedom for employees to forge their own careers path. The freedom to explore new ideas, seize opportunities to learn and drive growth—for themselves, our company and society.
  • Going beyond: Creating value. Never losing sight of patients’ needs while caring for our colleagues, our communities and the planet. All while not being afraid to push forward, to innovate.
  • Human-focused: Our united desire to help patients extends to the well-being of our global, diverse employee community. We cultivate a culture of care where everyone is equal, included, respected and recognized.
I, for one, am  extremely pleased of the culture we have built together at UCB. As we move our  promising pipeline forward, our new EVP will help us bring together and retain the wealth of talent and expertise so vital for our success. It will  aid us in our ambition to collectively work together to make a profound difference to our patients’ lives. After all, it’s our people that make us so unique.

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